A closer look at the estate, the houses, the chapel, the artwork…

The estate known as “Casa Nueva del Enebrillo Bajo” is strategically located within the National Park of the Guadarrama River. The Natural Park is a site of exceptional scenic beauty and environmental value, with its natural resources, flora, fauna and its clean mountain air making it a natural paradise.

The location of the estate (please click on the Location tab), its size, its landscape and its architectural ensemble of great historical value, make it an exceptional site for recreation, rest or work. Its proximity to the town’s centre with its rail links and bus routes, allows for excellent commuter services and easy access to shopping centres, hospitals, sports facilities, cinemas and other services.

Description of the Estate
A very special place just 20 minutes from the City centre

The site is fenced around its perimeter with original masonry granite, giving it a very genuine “rustic style”. It has two entrances, one to the north and one to the south of the property, which allow entrance to the main house on sand roads. There is a path walk which surrounds the area; along it you can find an orchard, a well and a pond, used to water the orchard, and also some boulder sites with stunning views of the Natural Park and the Sierra of Madrid.

The field is full of granite formations, surrounded by natural flora of the region such as junipers, holm oaks, pines, lavender, rosemary, thyme and rock rose. A show of aroma and colour, lending itself to the creative imagination of children and a feeling of nostalgia for the grown-ups.

Its privileged location beside the property allows one to lose oneself roaming through more than 22.000 Hectares of Natural Park where you can practice hiking, mountain bike or horseback riding and visit areas of high historical value, such as the Roman bridge over the Guadarrama River, the reservoir of the sixteenth century, built by Juan de Herrera near the Monastery of the El Escorial.

finca camino
finca campo
Description and Floor Plans of the Main House

The original house keeps a well-established architectural historical style, known as “La Casa Nueva del Enebrillo”, referred to as the Main House, full of vernacular architectural details such as fountains, ornamental railings, sculptures, towers, etc.

The main house consists of a single floor, supported by a base crowned in a significant granite wall and is developed around a square patio that adorns the rooms of the house divided into four different areas. The first is located on the west side gallery where the main entrance to the house is, and from here you enter the patio the south wing, which distributes the area for the master bedroom, a second bedroom, bathroom and lounge. From the same gallery also there is an access to the north wing which is distributed to the rest of the house, which includes the living room, three double bedrooms and one single bedroom, two bathrooms, an office and a kitchen. Finally on the east side, with an entrance from the garden or patio, there is also an unique private chapel; all housing areas have views to the patio or garden. Around the east, south and west sides, you can enjoy the garden terrace, located at the base of the house, allowing you to enjoy the exceptional views.

The house has a floor area of 360 sq.metres, with a Patio of 130 sq.metres a terrace of 330 sq.metres and porches of 30 sq.metres.

The remaining constructions of the set correspond to:

  • An additional building with the same style as the main house, and built in the same period, is located on the southwest corner of the garden. The service house has a living room, kitchen, three double bedrooms and a bathroom. A second service house has a lounge, double bedroom and bathroom. Both have a built surface of 120 sq.metres.
  • Next to the service houses are two buildings designed for Storage and Parking, which occupy a floor area of 100 sq.metres.
  • The pool pavilion has two dressing rooms, a kitchenette, a utility room and a porch and a garden with a grass lawn surrounding the pool. It occupies a floor area of 66 sq.metres plus 23 sq.m. of porch.

The main house is surrounded by a fenced Spanish garden, situated on two levels. In the lower level of the garden, designed as a very independent area, the pool is located. A pool pavilion with a set of dressing rooms, kitchen and porch give all the comforts, while allowing privacy to enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the Sierra del Guadarrama and the monastery of El Escorial.

Description and Floor Plans of the Guest House

This house, located on a plot limited by a fenced garden, was built in the 1970´s and is totally independent of the main house.

The guest house has a ground floor on a slightly raised platform, with a facade to the west that provides access to a basement designed for household services. On the ground floor and from the east side, lies the main entrance to the house, from which three different areas can be accessed. The first one being an L shaped sitting room which leads to the terrace and porches situated on east and west side, with magnificent views of the Sierra de Madrid. The second area corresponds to the bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room. The third area corresponds to the kitchen and an storeroom with access to a dining room, bedroom and bathroom for the household, closets, laundry and a staircase connected to a part of the basement, housing the cellar, the central heating installations and tools closet. The other part of the basement that includes the garage, a bedroom with its bathroom, has its entrance directly from the garden.

The guest house is built with a floor area of 255 sq.metres. and has a basement of 260 sq.metres. The ground floor porch covers 50 sq. metres and the terrace an area of 200 sq.metres.

casa 2
casa 2 planos+
Artistic Inventory
The Main House holds certain art pieces of considerable value:
  • Baroque Altar (17 Th Century) with different scenes of our Lady of El Enebrillo (Panel: 162 by 250 cm): A altar piece typical of the late Spanish Renaissance period, around the second half of the 17th century. It is divided in three vertical parts, separated with carved wood and gilded columns supporting a gilded pediment. In the central part there is a curved arch which iholds a figure of the Virgin of the Enebrillo (carved and polychrome wood) from a later period, 19th century, standing on a half moon. On each side are oil painting panels from the 18th century, depicting different scenes of the Virgin’s life. In the lower part of the altar or the predella, there are two oil paintings representing the figures of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Francis Xavier. Restored in 1997.
  • The Virgin of El Enebrillo (115 cm) The sculpture is carved in polychrome wood from the 19th century, standing on a half moon.
  • Carpet (20th century)(296 by 140 cm) Wool. Made in blue and gold colors, exclusive for this Chapel.
  • Statue of Jesus of Medinaceli (20th century) Figure made of polychrome wood
  • Statue of the Madonna and Child. (20th century) This statue is placed just above the access to the chapel.
  • Statue of a girl with flowers (20th century) (Marble: 98 cm. height) Marble figure of a girl with flowers in her lap. Dressed in the Greek manner.
  • Statue of a girl with a butterfly (20th century) (92 cm. height) Marble figure of a girl holding a butterfly.
Iventario artístico capilla
Inventario artístico patio
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