A unique location in an ideal environment…


The estate is located north of the Community of Madrid, in the well known exclusive residential area of Torrelodones, just 20 minutes (30 kilometers) from the city centre. The location is very strategic as it lies close to places of tourist interest, such as El Escorial, Segovia, La Granja de San Ildefonso, Riofrio or Avila, some of which are among the most important World Heritage sites of Spain, all within 30 minutes of reach.

The immediate surroundings offer all the services that are required for everyday living – hospitals, shopping centres, cinemas, cultural centre, sports facilities and religious services.

Communications are excellent with rail links and bus routes into the city and only 5 minutes from the main highway into Madrid.


At an altitude of 820 metres above sea level and being located in a hilly region of Madrid, the temperature in the estate is usually around 5° Centigrade cooler than in the City; together with a mountain breeze this makes summer a delightful time to spend in the estate grounds.

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