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The estate of 128,820 sq. metres, is located within the Natural Park, and has a section of 55,256 sq. metres, classified as Building Land Not Sectored, which provides a potential area for urban development for whoever would like to exploit this option. Its proximity to other top class housing developments like El Gasco or Las Marias, located it in the most elegant areas, provides a potential for future developments of a very high standard.


The Property also lends itself to conversion for commercial use. It could easily be converted into a small boutique hotel or conference centre. The position is ideal for such an enterprise due to its fantastic location and good communications with the city and various transport hubs. As described below, much of the administration documents have been prepared for a new owner to develop the property in whichever way they desire, providing a unique opportunity to develop this historical site.


The property originally known as “Casa Nueva Del Enebrillo” is currently divided into the following three properties of equal size:

  • La Casa Nueva del Enebrillo, with a historical house, from the early twentieth century.
  • Los Ángeles del Enebrillo, with a house built in the 1970´s.
  • El Mirador, unbuilt, with an area of 42,940.10 sq. metres.

Each of these three plots cover an area of 42,940.10 sq metres all totaling: 128,820.32 sq.metres.

The entire property is qualified with two natural protected areas according to the Land Regulation Law as follows:

  • Building Land not Sectored: 55,256.08 sq.m.
  • Protected Land not for Building: 73,564.24 sq.m.


The three properties are affected by the perimeter limits relating to:

  • Natural Park of the Guadarrama River
  • Preserved Forest

  • A line about 70 metres from and running parallel to the border of the urban area of the El Gasco neighborhood (to the north and west of the estate), establishes an area within the three plots that make up la Casa Nueva Del Enebrillo, separating it from the area corresponding to the Natural Park that falls within the estate.
  • This area of land is considered as “not protected” and is classified according to the existing Land Regulation Law as land for development not sectored.
  • There is a favorable agreement signed by one of the previous Mayors of Torrelodones, Enrique Muñoz Lopez and the owners, dated June 10, 2003, which specifies the terms and conditions for the urban development of this “not protected” area of land.
  • There is a favorable report dated March 2, 2012, of the Torrelodones Town Hall and the CAM (Community of Madrid), allowing the grouping and subsequent segregation of the three main properties into two, known as Plot A and Plot B.
  • Please click on the map below for further information on the plot areas.



The three properties: La Casa Nueva del Enebrillo, Los Angeles del Enebrillo and El Mirador, according to the existing Land Regulation Law can be regrouped into two plots as follows:

Plot A Enebrillo  – Building Land not Sectored
Plot B Enebrillo – Protected Land Not for Building

The town planning regulations currently in force in the Town Hall of Torrelodones are the Subsidiary Municipal Regulations, of 16/10/1997. These regulations are currently being revised.


Plot A with an area of 55,256.08 sq.m., is outside the Natural Park of the Guadarrama River and is qualified as NON SECTORED BUILDING LAND.

Plot A is affected by the line of protection under the law of “Preserved Forests,” so that only the unprotected part of the Preserved Forests can be developed urbanistically .

Urban development would be authorised only for detached houses, after negotiation of the urban development plan.
From the negotiations carried out to date with the administration and subject to the relevant authorizations, it is considered that an urban complex of about 10 to 12 plots of 2,000 sq meters each with detached houses, could be developed.

The area now includes the Guest House, built in the 1970´s, also known as House 2.


Plot B with an area of 73,564.24 sq.metres, is located entirely inside the Natural Park of the Guadarrama River and is qualified as PROTECTED UNDEVELOPED LAND and therefore holds no possibility of urban development.

This area includes a residential complex including the original Main House as well as the service house, garages, storage house, locker rooms, gardens and swimming pool.

The main house is a historical building built in the early twentieth century with unique architectural characteristics, and is referred to as House 1.


If there is an intention to develop or to consolidate the existing urban development rights, we recommend the following actions:

  • Request a municipal licence for the grouping and segregation of plots and record it in the property registry as Plot A and Plot B, for which there is already a favorable report from the Torrelodones Town Hall and the CAM (Community of Madrid).
  • The first choice for development of PLOT A would be to include the area of land classified as Urban not sectored (based on the agreement of June 10, 2003 with the Town Hall), in the 7th Revision of the Urban Planning Regulation of the Town Hall. Negotiations with the new Town Hall members, based on the agreements already reached, would need to be carried out, after which an urban development project would have to be presented, before construction can commence. The process may take less time if an architect, specialized in urban development and familiar with the town hall is hired for this purpose.
  • The second option for the development of Plot A is to carry out a Sectorized Plan as per current Land Regulations. This would be a project of private initiative, possibly requiring additional assignments (land cessions to the Town Hall), more money and more difficulties, although perhaps less time to complete the project. This is a right that the owner can always exercise as long as the Land Regulations remain unchanged.
  • Any modification to the current agreements will require the approval of the Town Hall, a period for public review, responses to potential claims or complaints that arise, after which it must receive authorization from the Environment ministry of the CAM (Community of Madrid) before final approval from the the Town Hall is given.
  • Once approved, an Urban Development Project would have to be drafted after which the new plots can be registered.
  • Finally, the projected houses can be built and urban development be carried out.


The following documents can be provided upon request:

  • Existing Urban Development Plans.
  • Negotiated Urban Development regulations, subject to approval.
  • Negotiated Urban Development Proposal, subject to approval.
  • Aerial Photography.